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A Beautiful Face


Beauty has always occupied a prominent position in our world

 Beauty is one of the great creations of God that compels us to be drawn to it. In the journey of our lives, we have encountered many beautiful faces. However, there are a few faces among all these that are able to attract strange attention to them. Mostly, these faces are of women because women around the world are more associated with beauty than men. A beautiful face could be one that we say is love at first sight. Love, at first sight, is nothing but an untimely strong attraction to a certain beautiful face in the first instance.


Those people in the world who talk about love, at first sight, must have seen some of these faces. A beautiful face has the power to affect us at first sight on a deeper level. Extraordinary beauties in this world are beyond the thinking and imagination of human beings. That is why we are instantly attracted to these faces because these faces are a challenge to creativity. For this reason, we find many painters painting pictures of beautiful women and trying to make them even more beautiful so that they can satisfy their desire for superiority.

A Beautiful Face

The second important point is that beauty is a natural phenomenon and it is natural for everyone to be attracted to a beautiful object. Most of the time we all have the same perception of beauty, and therefore a beautiful person is beautiful to everyone. A beautiful face is a great advantage for a person, but at the same time, it can be a great curse. A beautiful face is a great advantage because it allows the person who possesses the beauty to attract many people to him like a strong magnet attracts many small pieces of iron. The stronger the beauty, the more attraction it has. Usually, these people are given great importance and privilege in society.


But at the same time, this beauty also has some of the most important side effects associated with it. Due to this strong attraction, this beauty attracts many undesirable people or circumstances that have the power to completely change the life of the person who possesses the beauty. Second, because of all the hustle and bustle, the beautiful person may lose his or her personal space. Third, beauty may begin to overshadow the intellect and force the person to make decisions according to their beauty. These are some of the good and negative aspects of a beautiful face. However, it depends on the person who possesses beauty, what paths they take in their life, and how much it interferes with their life.


Third, a beautiful person must always remember that beauty is only for a few years. Once it reaches its peak, the slow decline of attractiveness begins with age. Like a flower that grows and blooms to fullness and then is diluted by the harshness of the world? Fourth, the human mind is always striving for new faces; therefore, a beautiful face may lose its attraction to the same group of people after some time. Fifth, a period without beauty, such as upper middle age and old age, can be very difficult for the person since many people who are attached to him because of his beauty could live with him.

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